Bellringers Group

Our group currently consists of around a dozen people. Since it only needs one person to ring the bells each Sunday, you sign up your name on the rota for a Sunday which suits you. Most people ring about once every 8 or 10 weeks.

We are always happy to welcome anyone interested in joining the Bellringers’ Group. You don’t need to be able to read music, although clearly that’s a huge help. The actual ringing on the keyboard is very straightforward and not at all difficult if you already play a keyboard instrument. A starter pack of music is provided to get you going and the current bellringers are always happy to take someone up the tower with them as an apprentice until the new ringer feels confident enough to go solo.

We ring for a number of annual events such as Beltane Saturday, St Andrews’ Day, the Christmas Lights Switch- on and host an open day in conjunction with Peebles Arts Festival. All these events are manned by volunteers from the Bellringers, and there’s no pressure to take part. If you just want to ring on Sundays, that’s fine.

We welcome ringers from other churches in the town, and St Peter’s, St Andrews Leckie and St Joseph’s all have ringers on the team.

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