2013 Up the Bell Tower

As always, the Bellringers have had a busy year. In addition to our weekly ringings prior to Morning Worship, which is, of course, our core work, we have participated in the following events throughout the year:

 Welsh Weekend when we rung a selection of Welsh tunes on the Saturday morning of the Wales v Scotland rugby match. unfortunately it didn’t result in a Scottish win but it cheered up our Welsh friends visiting Peebles

 Beltane Saturday morning – as usual we ‘rung in’ the Beltane red Letter Day at 8.00am with a selection of Scots tunes and, of course, the Beltane Festal Song

 ‘Bells Across Scotland’ a selection of Scots tunes rung as our contribution to Peebles Arts Festival.

 Doors Open Day in September when we welcomed members of the public up the tower to see how the bells are rung.

 Lowland and Northumbrian Pipers invited us to ring a special tune ‘Salmon Tails’ which is reputed to be the tune used by the Peebles Pier to waken the inhabitants of the town each morning. We are happy to add this to our repertoire and you may well hear it in future on some Sunday mornings and on Beltane Saturday.

 St Andrew’s Day, when one of our ringers gave us a fine rendition of traditional Scottish tunes.

 Christmas Lights Switch-on when as usual we were delighted to ring a wide selection of Christmas tunes prior to the Switch-on.

We have also rung for a couple of 100th birthdays, and are delighted to do this. It’s helpful for us to have advance notice so that we can arrange for a ringer to be available at the appropriate date and time.



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