2012 has been a busy year for our Bellringers. We started the year in good style with a visit up the Tower to see the bells themselves and then on to the very top for those brave enough to wriggle along the catwalk and climb the ladder through the trapdoor. Our thanks once gain to Jim and John for leading us  and encouraging most of us to make it to the top.

 With this being both the Diamond Jubilee and Olympic year, we were involved in extra ringing for each of these events. The Olympic torch came through Peebles in June and we responded by ringing suitable tunes, Chariots of Fire featuring prominently, ringing again for the official opening of the Games later in the summer. We are indebted to ringer Alison whose professional musical skills have been invoked on many occasions giving us  arrangements of tunes suitable for the bells and widening our repertoire greatly. Thankyou Alison. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was marked by suitable tunes being rung, not only on the official Jubilee Day but also simultaneously with the celebrations in London when bells throughout the UK were asked to take part in a nationwide ringing. On a less cheerful note, 2012 also marked the centenary of the sinking of RMS Titanic and on 14 April, the anniversary of the sinking, we rang some of the hymn tunes reputed to have been played on that fateful night.


We took part once again in the Arts Festival. Our morning bells ‘concert’ was a great success, judging by the many comments on the High Street but it was disappointing to have an unusually small turnout for our Open Afternoon when members of the public are invited up the tower to ‘have a go’. This event has been very well attended over a great many years and despite the same level of publicity as in the past, we didn’t attract more than about 20 people as against the usual 50 or 60. We can’t even blame the weather as it wasn’t raining on that particular day !

Our regular ringings include Beltane Saturday morning, the Christmas Lights Switch-on on and for Christmas shoppers on the Saturday before Christmas and they continued as usual though sadly we had to cancel our St Andrew’s Day ringing due to unforeseen circumstances.

All the ringings you have read about above  are extras rung by volunteers from the Team. Our core work remains, as always, to ring as a call to worship each Sunday morning, and this we do faithfully every Sunday. A big thankyou to all the team for their efforts throughout the year.

Anne Derrick, Fiona Taylor, Roger Trueman, Wilma Smith, Kirsty Davidson, Cathy Davidson, Jeanette Mackison, Malcolm Lumsden (St Andrews Leckie), Alison Cruickshanks (St Peter’s), Mary Hudson (St Joseph’s)

If you are interested in becoming a Bellringer, talk to any of the above members of the team or contact Anne Derrick on 01721 721075, email: annederrick@sky.com. If you can read music, it’s not a difficult task and you are only on duty once every 8-10 weeks on a Sunday which suits you. The extra ringings described in this article are purely optional ! Oh, and we don’t have meetings or committees !!

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